[Webinar] How to Land a Remote Customer Support Job at an Awesome Company with Knack

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October 22, 2020

Is customer support a good career path to break into the remote workforce? Do high-quality, well-paid remote customer support jobs exist? The short answer to those two questions is... yes! Join us for another exciting webinar where Odalis will shed some light on the perception of support work/teams/people in the remote work world, how to find & land quality remote customer support jobs, and lots more.‍

This webinar will be a 30-minute presentation with time for questions at the end. Bring a tea or coffee, your favourite note-taking app, and enjoy.

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About Odalis:

Odalis is the Head of Customer Success at Knack, a fully-remote company of amazing humans working towards building the best no-code platform for creating data-centric business apps. And the creator of Break Into Remote which is on a mission to help customer support folks land awesome remote jobs at worthy companies.

She believes that customer support work is highly valuable—without question or qualifier, that people should do work that doesn’t ooze negativity into the rest of their life, and that we should stop calling them guilty pleasures and just happily enjoy them (with chocolate-covered potato chips because salty & sweet are magic ✨).




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The webinar has now been completed - Watch the Recording Here:

More customer support resources!
As Odalis mentioned in the webinar, she had so much more to tell you so she created a supplemental page for you to dig in further. Access it here: https://www.breakintoremote.com/wwr-webinar

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