Creating a Remote Job Strategy For 2021 with The Remote Nomad

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January 28, 2021

Not sure how to build a strategy for remote job hunting? Look no further! Walk away with more clarity and tips to make landing a remote job a reality in 2021. After her presentation, there will be time to ask your questions.

As a part of our 'Find Your Dream Remote Job' 5-week giveaway, anyone who signs up for this webinar will be entered to win 1 of 3 remote career coaching sessions with Kate! The winners will be announced during the event.

About Kate:
Digital nomad thought leader and remote career coach expert, Kate has helped countless professionals break-free of the 9-5 and create more freedom in their lives by showing them how to successfully land a remote job.

Her expertise has been featured on BBC, Fast Company, CNN, Atlas Obscura, GlassDoor, and many other major publications and podcasts. She’s even worked with the country of Estonia, as a digital nomad community representative, to create the world’s first digital nomad visa!

After breaking-free of her corporate 9-5 job in advertising, she landed a full-time remote job doing online marketing before launching her businesses. After successfully going remote herself, Kate's now on a mission to help other ambitious professionals create more freedom so they can live life on their terms too!

Kate is also one of our coaches in the WWR Learning Portal. Sign up for free or log in and head to the dashboard to book a session!

The Remote Nomad:

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