[AMA] Remote Companies Hiring: Buffer with Nicole Miller

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December 3, 2020

The people at Buffer are leaders in remote work culture. Although they ditched the office in 2015, they really have been making remote hires since 2011. Now, they have over 85 people distributed across 10 time zones. Since then, Buffer has championed for a number of things related to improving the way we work, such as salary transparency, 4-day work weeks, and lots more. Get to know the way Buffer hires, their remote work environment, and more!

How to join:

The AMA will be in chat form and take place on the WWR Forum. There's no need to register ahead of time. Be sure to save the date and come prepared with your questions!

About Nicole:

Nicole Miller is a People Ops Manager at Buffer, and has been a part of the team for nearly seven years, seeing the team grow from 25 to 90. She's passionate about family inclusion, remote work and values-driven company cultures. In her spare time, she writes novels and tends her small farm in Southwest Washington state with her husband and two young sons.

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