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[AMA] Remote Companies Hiring: Buffer with Nicole Miller

December 3, 2020
The people at Buffer are leaders in remote work culture; championing for a number of things related to improving the way we work, such as salary transparency, 4-day work weeks, and lots more. Get to know the way Buffer hires, their remote work environment, and more!

[AMA] Remote Companies Hiring: Basecamp with Andrea LaRowe

November 20, 2020
Basecamp needs no introduction -- advocates for remote work for years, the team at Basecamp are known for pushing the boundaries of how we work and why we work the way we do. Get to know Andrea, Basecamp's Head of Operations and seize this opportunity to ask her questions about remote work life at the remote-first company and the position(s) they're hiring for. Don't miss it!

[Webinar] Create Your Ideal Remote Workflow with Toggl

November 19, 2020
Creating your own work schedule depends on a few factors: your role, lifestyle, priorities/obligations and peak productivity times. Are you working as effectively as you could be? Learn best practices and tips on productivity and shaping your day from Emma, content manager at Toggl, one of the top time-tracking apps out there!

[Webinar] How to Land a Remote Customer Support Job at an Awesome Company with Knack

October 22, 2020
Is customer support a good career path to break into the remote workforce? Do high-quality, well-paid remote customer support jobs exist? In this webinar, Odalis will address the perception of support work/teams/people in the remote work world vs what’s real, how to find & land quality remote customer support jobs, and more.‍

[AMA] Remote Companies Hiring: Hubstaff with Tyler Sellhorn

October 20, 2020
As advocates for remote work, Hubstaff truly understands the benefits of working remote -- which is just one reason why the company is an excellent place to work. Here's your chance to dig in deeper and get to know this awesome remote-first company!

[Webinar] How To Build A Strong Online Network Remotely

September 29, 2020
We all know the importance of networking, but how can you do it naturally remotely? This webinar will be a little different — after Mandy’s presentation, you'll get to ask her questions and meet each other in small breakout rooms for short, hands-on exercises and networking. Join us for an interactive webinar!‍‍

[AMA] Remote Companies Hiring: Uscreen with Tamara Ceman

September 24, 2020
Join us for our next AMA with Tamara Ceman, UScreen's marketing lead and hiring manager! UScreen is a remote-first team with over 50 individuals located all around the world. They're currently growing their team and actively hiring! Take this opportunity to meet and connect with Tamara and ask her questions about Uscreen's company culture, the positions and why it's an awesome place to work.

[Webinar] Remote Job Interviews: What to Expect and How to Prep with Help Scout

August 26, 2020
Remote interviews - even in the comfort of your own home - can be nerve-wracking. Join us for a fireside chat with Leah about what to anticipate and expect in a typical interview with a tech company and walk away with clear guidelines and guidance on how to best prepare.‍

[AMA] The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Applying For a Remote Job with Andrew Gobran, People Operations Generalist, Doist

August 24, 2020
If you've been applying for a bunch of remote jobs and haven't heard back yet, now's the time to try something new! Have you been making the common mistakes tech companies find when hiring? Ask Andrew for some direct pointers on how you can improve your application.‍‍‍

[Webinar] How to Tailor Your Resume For a Specific Remote Job with Skillcrush

July 29, 2020
Do you know what makes a remote application especially awesome? When it's tailored exactly for the position you are applying for and the company you are planning on working with. In this webinar, Caro will lead you through practical tips on how to shape your application into one that'll land you your dream remote job.

[AMA] How to Market Yourself, Remotely with Mary Hartberg, Director of People Ops, Close

July 21, 2020
What's the virtual equivalence of walking into an office and proudly dropping off your resume? What do tech companies like Close look for in an application? How do you reach out to a company without spamming them? Ask Mary how you can stand out digitally and through your applications.

[AMA] How to Show Your Value As a Remote Worker with Ryan Chartrand, CEO, X-Team

June 30, 2020
Get insight on how to display your value remotely. Whether you're currently looking for a job or working the remote job of your dreams, standing apart from the crowd or being more visible online can be challenging.

[Webinar] The Ins and Outs of Remote Worker Compliance with Pilot

June 29, 2020
Do I need to register my own company? Do I need insurance? What’s this W-8BEN form that US companies seem to be asking about? How do I get paid? Matt will cover the compliance and logistics of working remotely from different countries for employers all over the world.